PET Lay-Flat™ Heat Shrink

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Zeus PET Lay-Flat™ Heat Shrink merges cost effectiveness, transparency, and superior strength to create a product that is ideal for applications requiring insulation, encapsulation, and protection. With the lowest heat shrink recovery temperature of all our resins (180 °F / 82 °C), this halogen-free product is very lightweight and possesses excellent dielectric properties.

Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, has become the polymer of choice for price sensitive applications while still providing excellent mechanical and physical properties. At Zeus, we specialize in the extrusion of PET heat shrink available in lay-flat form. With its low recovery temperature and good dielectric properties, PET is a popular material for encapsulating fluorescent light bulbs, solenoids, and batteries.

For lighting especially, PET Lay-Flat’s™ transparency ensures that light will flow properly to illuminate indoor and outdoor areas. With a continuous operating temperature of 293 °F (145 °C), PET Lay-Flat™ heat shrink is able to withstand the constant heat from bulbs. Fluorescent light bulbs, on the other hand, can shatter easily without proper encapsulation exposing dangerous broken glass and chemicals; our PET Lay-Flat™ Heat Shrink safely contains these hazards.

For non-lighting applications, PET Lay-Flat™ Heat Shrink eliminates the waste and inconsistency of high temperature specialized tapes as it can be installed easier and faster than wrapping and requires no adhesives. PET Lay-Flat™ is resistant to UV rays (requires additive) and offers a cost effective solution for a broad range of applications.

Our PET Lay-Flat™ is available in 500 ft. (152 m) or longer seamless lengths spooled. This space-saving configuration allows us to ship 1″ (25.4 mm) inside diameter (ID) tubing on a 500 ft. (152 m) spool in a convenient 9″ (229 mm) box. This heat shrink product is available in configurations with very thin walls (0.002″ to 0.008″; 0.051 mm to 0.203 mm) and expansion ratios up to 2:1; we keep T5, T8, and T12 sizes in stock.

Furthermore, by customizing the expanded ID’s specific to your application, we are able to reduce the longitudinal shrinkage. Our current (typical) capabilities with Lay-Flat™ range from widths of 1″ to 2.75″ (25 mm to 70 mm). Should you need sizes smaller or larger than these, please contact us or call toll-free in the US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 internationally to see how we can meet your specification. We specialize in customizations. We can also match colors and stripe or mark the tubing and cut it to any length.

See how our PET Lay-Flat™ Heat Shrink can save you labor and cost by contacting us for a consultation or to request samples.

Note: Ultraviolet (UV) light will decrease the thermal properties of this material.


    Encapsulation (Electrical) / Insulation – PET Lay-Flat™ heat shrink’s excellent dielectric properties make it a good choice for encapsulating or insulating electrical components such batteries (lithium and alkaline), busbars, capacitors, coil windings, and solenoids. The material’s heat tolerance likewise allows it to continue to perform at elevated temperatures.

    Encapsulation (Lighting) – Our PET Lay-Flat™ heat shrink has very high clarity making it well-suited for light bulb encapsulation. Similar to its electrical application, this material’s ability to function at high temperatures is especially preferred for a light bulb encapsulating material.


    Clarity – PET Lay-Flat’s™ high transparency means this heat shrink is a perfect fit where color or lighting transmission are necessary. Even if transparency is not what you need, you will still have all of the beneficial properties of our PET Lay-Flat™ heat shrink.

    UV Resistant – PET Lay-Flat™ tubing does not degrade under normal ultraviolet radiation exposure making it suitable for outdoor use, encapsulation of UV lighting, or applications utilizing UV for visualization. (UV resistance requires additive to the PET resin).

    Extremely Strong – PET Lay-Flat™ is an extremely durable material and can substantially extend the life of your protected lighting and other components.

    Low Shrink-Back Temperature – This material has the lowest heat shrink recovery temperature of any of the resins we work with at 180 °F (82 °C). This means that PET Lay-Flay™ heat shrink is ideally suited for use on components that cannot tolerate the higher temperatures required for other heat shrink material such as PTFE.

    High Operating Temperature – Despite its low recovery temperature, this heat shrinkable material still retains a significantly high operating temperature of 293 °F (145 °C) allowing it to be used in a broad range of applications and environments.

    Minimize Cost – Maximizing effectiveness while minimizing cost is always a goal when choosing a product or component. PET Lay-Flat™ heat shrink accomplishes both of these aims with its excellent performance capabilities but at a minimal cost compared to other resins.

    Superior Dielectric Strength – The exceptional dielectric properties of PET Lay-Flat™ means that this material not only is great for encapsulating fragile components but is also a good insulator.

    Extremely Low Water Absorption – PET Lay-Flat™ heat shrink retains its functionality in humid or moist environments because of its very low absorption of water. Thus, this material provides an excellent moisture barrier to components such as encapsulated wires.

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