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Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET (or PETE), is an exceedingly popular polyester plastic that has become ubiquitous in today’s industrialized world. PET is most commonly seen in plastic bottles and food containers and is recognizable in the US by its recycle code of #1 which often appears on these containers. PET is used to make intravenous (IV) and resealable bags, packaging aids, carpet fibers, reheatable food trays, and can be recycled multiple times.

As a polymer resin, PET has become a popular choice for cost-conscious applications that require PET’s excellent mechanical and physical properties. PET’s high glass transition temperature enables a very high degree of control over crystallization during processing giving this material its enormous diversity of applications. PET is a dimensionally stable material, absorbs very little water, and has good gas barrier properties. PET displays excellent toughness and stands up to weathering extremely well.

Aside from its inherent plastic properties, PET heat shrink has the advantage of having the lowest recovery temperature of any of our polymer resins beginning at approximately 180 °F (82 °C). Zeus specializes in the extrusion of PET heat shrink available in Lay-Flat form and can provide this tubing in ultra-thin wall forms. PET is very lightweight, has superior dielectric strength, possesses excellent clarity, and is extremely strong.

Zeus specializes in made-to-order sizes customized for your unique application.

Note: The information in the Zeus website, catalog, and other sources presents and discusses generally accepted properties for non-pigmented virgin polymer resins from which Zeus fabricates its line of extruded products. Actual properties may change due to processing method, resin grade, extruded dimensions, and other variables. It is the end user’s responsibility to fully evaluate and test the fitness of the product for their specific application.

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    Encapsulation (Electrical) / Insulation – PET Lay-Flat® heat shrink has excellent dielectric properties making it a good choice for encapsulating or insulating electrical components such as batteries (lithium and alkaline), capacitors, busbars, solenoids, coil windings, and electric motors. The material’s heat tolerance likewise allows it to continue to perform at high temperatures.

    Encapsulation (Lighting) – Zeus PET Lay-Flat® heat shrink has very high clarity making it well-suited for light bulb encapsulation. Similar to its electrical application, this material’s ability to function at high temperatures is especially preferred for a light bulb encapsulating material.


    Fillers – PET is available with several optional fillers to tailor your product for your specific application. Barium and bismuth can be added to provide radio opacity for medical device uses; carbon can be added to increase electrical dissipation; UV inhibitors minimize effects of this light upon PET; and pigments add color.

    Lay-Flat Heat Shrink Tubing – Combining the chemical resistance, lubricity, and strength of PET, this product provides a shrink-to-fit encapsulation for light bulbs, wire splices, solder joints, terminals and connections, and other critical components. In addition to its electrical insulating properties, PET’s ability to function at high temperatures is especially preferred for a light bulb encapsulation. PET Lay-Flat® tubing is available with wall thicknesses down to 0.002″ (0.051 mm) and Lay-Flat widths as small as 1″ (25.4 mm). (These sizes are typical with other sizes possible upon request). We offer this product shipped cut to length or spooled.


    Chemical Resistance – PET shows good chemical resistance to most oils, greases, acids, and some alkalis, and it is suitable for food contact with liquids (such as mineral or soda water) and solids (such as bakery goods).

    Clarity – PET Lay-Flat® tubing possesses very high transparency meaning that this heat shrink is a perfect fit where color or lighting transmission are necessary. Even if transparency is not what you need, you will still have all of the beneficial properties of PET Lay-Flat® heat shrink.

    High Service Temperature – Despite its low recovery temperature, PET heat shrink retains a considerably high operating temperature of 293 °F (145 °C) allowing it to be used in a broad range of applications and diverse environments.

    Low Resin Cost – Maximizing effectiveness while minimizing cost is always a goal when choosing a product or component. PET Lay-Flat® heat shrink accomplishes both of these aims with its excellent performance capabilities but at a minimal cost compared to other high-end resins.

    Low Shrink-Back Temperature – This material has the lowest heat shrink recovery temperature of any of the resins we work with at 180 °F (82 °C). This allows PET Lay-Flat® heat shrink to be used to cover components that cannot tolerate the higher temperatures required for other polymer heat shrinks such as PTFE.

    Low Water Absorption – PET Lay-Flat® heat shrink retains its functionality in humid or moist environments because of its extremely low absorption of water. This material thus provides an excellent moisture barrier to components such as encapsulated wires.

    Mechanical Strength – PET Lay-Flat® is an extremely strong and durable material and can extend the life of protected lighting and other components.

    Superior Dielectric Strength – The exceptional dielectric properties of PET Lay-Flat® means that this material not only is great for encapsulating fragile components but is also a good insulator.

    Very Lightweight – PET Lay-Flat’s® light weight nature is highly suited to applications where weight is at a premium such as in automotive and aerospace industries. PET Lay-Flat® heat shrink may also be suitable as a replacement for other heavier or dense polymer encapsulations.

    UV Resistance – PET Lay-Flat® tubing does not degrade under normal ultraviolet radiation exposure making it suitable for outdoor use, encapsulation of UV lighting, or applications utilizing UV for visualization. (UV resistance requires additive to the PET resin).

    Note: Ultraviolet (UV) light will decrease the thermal properties of this material; fillers are recommended for use under UV lighting.

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