Switch Suppliers and Save - Try Zeus Heat Shrink at No Cost!

Get a FREE custom run and preferred pricing when you transition to Zeus.* If you’ve been using peelable heat shrink tubing and etched liners from a competing supplier, now is the time to Switch Suppliers and Save.

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Switch. Bundle. Save.

We understand the time, effort, and cost involved in switching suppliers. As a result, we know buyers, engineers, and manufacturers often can’t justify a move. So, we’re making it easier than ever for you to switch and save.

*You may be eligible for special pricing by switching to Zeus.

If you qualify for this one-of-a-kind offer, you will receive:

  • A FREE custom run — receive a free custom run at no cost to you.
  • Discounted Future Runs — receive up to 50% off our list/minimum order quantity price on up to two repeat validation orders.
  • Bundle Pricing — enjoy ongoing preferred pricing when you bundle both Zeus heat shrink and etched liners.

How Zeus stacks up to the competition:

– Zeus heat shrink offers the same great performance as many competitors, but with higher clarity.
– Zeus etched liners provide superior quality over the competition.
– By switching to Zeus you can consolidate suppliers, bundle heat shrink with better liners, and save money in the process.
– You’ll gain access to Zeus staff applications scientists to ensure proper sizing.

FluoroPEELZ® Peelable Heat Shrink

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