New From Zeus – Low Temperature Dual-Shrink™

Zeus’ new Low Temperature Dual-Shrink™ minimizes heat exposure to protect heat-susceptible components and sensors. This new FEP/EFEP bilayer heat shrink works just like our popular PTFE/FEP Dual-Shrink™ except that Low Temperature Dual-Shrink™ can be recovered at much lower temperatures.

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A Better Way To Shield Sensitive Sensors And Electronics

Zeus Low Temperature Dual-Shrink™ (LTDS) provides a solid and moisture-proof encapsulation for the covered components. The FEP outer layer provides excellent chemical resistance while the EFEP easily flows around the covered components during recovery. After heat is removed, what remains is a tough, solid protective covering that is both durable and secure. LTDS protects sensors and other parts from the stresses of pulling, strain, or vibration; and chemicals.

Key Benefits:

  • Optical Clarity
  • Recovery Temperature Of 215 °C (419 °F)
  • Working Temperature At Least 150 °C (302 °F)

LTDS is also optically clear so that you can visualize the covered parts. (LTDS can be pigmented upon request). LTDS is your best fit when you need a quality heat shrink that is superior to commodity-level polyolefins but that does not require the high-temperature performance of our PTFE/FEP heat shrink. LTDS is available with expanded IDs from 0.046″ – 0.413″ (1.168 – 10.490 mm), and custom sizes are available.

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