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The structure of Aeos® ePTFE is composed of a number of solid nodes that are interconnected by a matrix of very thin fibrils. The spacing between nodes and fibrils – which can be manipulated during extrusion - allows the material to excel in applications requiring microporous qualities.

Through extensive investments in research and development, Zeus has developed a wide range of Aeos® ePTFE processing capabilities. This broad control over the manufacturing process allows Zeus to shape the physical and mechanical properties of the material.

All Aeos® ePTFE produced by Zeus is based on specific customer specifications and the chart below will serve as a general capability guide.

If your design requires a product with dimensions outside the standard ranges listed below, please contact us to discuss your needs and we will work with you to develop an appropriate solution.

Key Properties

Aeos® ePTFE has many of the same exceptional attributes of PTFE, but differs because it provides unique properties for applications requiring porosity.


The structure of Aeos® ePTFE is unique in that the material is made up of a number of solid nodes inter-connected by a matrix of thin fibrils. The spacing between the nodes (IND) is what allows the material to excel in applications requiring cellular ingrowth.

ePTFE is well known in medical research papers for its endothelization and thrombogenic properties. PTFE resin has long been utilized for implantable medical devices due to its biocompatibility and proven track record. Zeus has performed independent testing and holds USP Class VI certification for our PTFE resins.  Medical applications include endovascular stent grafts, suture-like devices, cosmetic implants, dental and glass ionomer uses, structural heart and tissue engineering.

Fiber Optics

Aeos® ePTFE is an excellent material to shield fiber optics from temperature extremes, block out moisture or aggressive chemicals, and reduce micro bend-induced attenuation changes. Aeos® ePTFE is the most flexible tubing Zeus offers, making it ideal for areas that require versatility and reliability with one option.

Wire & Cables

Aeos® ePTFE is chemically inert, naturally hydrophobic, and remains flexible in high and low temperatures. Extruded in tubing form, ribbon form or as a monofilament for a cable filler this product line makes cables robust.

Desiccant/Packaging Aids

Aeos® ePTFE is breathable, allowing air to pass while also filtering dust to protect sensitive electronics or other parts. The product is nonflammable, biocompatible, moisture blocking and chemically inert. Our team can also pad print on the items to mark them as packaging aids.

*Pad printing, heat sealing and other optimized tubing services are available

Zeus Support

Zeus continues to assist medical device engineers in bringing their concept and ideas to reality. We work closely with numerous manufacturers to confidentially assist them in the development of new products and technology.

Test Reports Technical Sales Staff
SEM Analysis R&D Engineering Support
Custom Packaging Product Development
Medical Grade Inspection Confidential Support
Porosity/Filtration Testing Contract Research

Internodal Distance (IND)

The amount of expansion in IND is a measure of the average distance between the material's nodes. We are experienced in manufacturing Aeos® ePTFE with IND ranges from 5µ to over 100µ (+/-25 µ)

Zeus has expanded capabilities with Aeos® ePTFE in forms such as:

  • Tubing
  • Multi-lumen
  • Profiles
  • Membrane
  • Sheet material
  • Ribbon
  • Biaxial oriented material
  • Laminations e.g. urethane / Aeos® ePTFE

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