Industry Standard Double Containment tubing, also called Dual Containment tubing, has an inner tube of High Purity PFA for transfer of harsh chemicals and an outer tube of FEP as a containment safeguard against possible hazardous leaks. 

The “tube-in-tube” design does not introduce contaminants during the installation process. Long, continuous lengths can be maintained without welding or heat bending processes.

Zeus Double Containment tubing exceeds the stringent requirements of the SEMI F57 specification. We also offer a wide array of semiconductor industry standard and custom sizes, as well as options for material combinations.

Our capabilities include manufacturing standard Double Containment tubing in sizes ranging from .047 to .063 wall and 1/4” OD to 1-1/4” OD. The product is end capped and also available with special packaging options, such as pre-cut spool lengths and custom laser marking. 

Key Properties:

  • Excellent surface smoothness
  • Low gas permeability
  • Chemically resistant to all common solvents
  • Maintains mechanical strength at high temperatures
  • Superior high purity properties

Additional Properties:

  • SEMI F57 certified material
  • Protects against ionic contamination
  • Ultra-low metallic and organic extractables
  • Flame resistant: UL 94 VO
  • Special packaging options
  • Thermal stability

Special Packaging Types:

  • End capped
  • Clean room packaged
  • Private labeled
  • Custom laser marked

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